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Middle School Drama Students Awarded at 2019 NCTC Festival
Middle School Drama Students Awarded at 2019 NCTC Festival

The middle school ACT 2 drama team recently competed in the 2019 North Carolina Theatre Conference (NCTC) Middle School Play Festival. This year more than 400 students from 17 schools presented and awards were given for acting, design, technical craft, ensemble work, and festival spirit. The festival platform is a unique, hands-on experience that allows teachers to fulfill the North Carolina Essential Standards for Theatre Arts. Students have 45 minutes to set the stage, perform and leave the stage completely clear. Following their performance, students receive verbal and written feedback from industry experts.

CCS students presented the show, Cave Dream, at the festival and received the following awards:
  • Cave Dream - Rating: Superior
  • Festival Spirit Award
  • Theatre Arts Award - Excellence in Overall Production Design
  • Excellence in Acting - Elise Hoff

ACT 2 Members:

  • Thomas Albee
  • Karsen Betzold
  • Faith Giller
  • Aidan Hinson
  • Elise Hoff
  • Darcy Howard
  • Emma Isom
  • Ronnie McCoy
  • Claire Pannell
  • Annabella Salamone
  • Sydney Grace Shamp
  • Lily Kate Snyder
  • Director: Mr. Eric Simpson

The NCTC Play Festival builds 21st Century skills by developing critical thinking and creativity that goes beyond linear thinking in both rehearsals and productions. The rehearsal process encourages communication and collaboration as students work together in diverse teams as they share responsibility for their work with their classmates.