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2019 North Carolina Junior Classical League Honors
2019 North Carolina Junior Classical League Honors

Charlotte Christian middle and upper school Latin students recently competed in the annual North Carolina Junior Classical League Competition (NCJCL) held at Wake Forest University. The Charlotte Christian team competed with Latin students from across the state.

The core premise of the NCJCL is to promote and "encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the language, literature and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and to appreciate how those Classical civilizations have affected our world today." There are many types of contests and events held at the event, including visual art submissions, public speaking, and academic testing. One of the highlights is Olympika, where the students compete in athletic events such as foot races, chariot races and catapult launches.

Congratulations to our 11 students on winning a total of 21 individual and team awards.


  • 3rd place overall, Medium size school
  • 2nd place, Banner

Visual Art Projects:

  • Liesel Brehmer, Mixed Media, 1st place; Map, 3rd place
  • JT Daniel, Virtual Model, 2nd place
  • Ethan Eshleman, Mixed Media, 3rd place
  • Kelsey Eshleman, Photography, 2nd place; Impromptu Art, 4th place
  • Anna Ferguson, Modern Myth, 3rd place
  • Nick Greene, Audiovisual, 2nd place
  • Jack Howard, Game, 1st place
  • Zoe Jackson, Impromptu Art, 1st place; Architectural Model, 4th place
  • Jason Kerr, Audiovisual, 1st place
  • Brennan Long, Architectural Model, 2nd place
  • Zack Marin, Game, 2nd place

Writing Contests:

  • Liesel Brehmer, Poetry, 1st place; Essay, 2nd place
  • Sofie Vachino, Essay, 1st place

Olympika Contests:

  • Kelsey Eshleman, Frisbee, 2nd place
  • Zoe Jackson, Girls 100 meter, 2nd place