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2017-18 Knight Tank Winners Announced
2017-18 Knight Tank Winners Announced

The third annual Knight Tank competition was held in mid-December, and this week five winners were announced as recipients of Knight Tank awards. This year, 11 proposals were submitted, seven of which advanced to the presentation round to compete for Knight Tank funds. In this round, each team presented their idea to a panel of judges that included Head of School Barry Giller, Chief Financial Officer Terry Efird, Board of Trustees members Charles Saleh and Jim Secunda, and Chief Operating Officer Shannon Edwards.

The 2017 winning proposals are:

Buddy Bench – Hudson Tillman (grade 4) and Hampton Reece Tillman (grade 3)

Global Knights – Eva Nieto (grade 5), Cristian Fahami (grade 5), Logan Davila (grade 5), Dora Liu (grade 5), Abbi Snyder (grade 8), Marissa Santaniello (grade 8), Samuel Castelan (grade 7), Elena Ong (grade 7), Lily Golzar (grade 7), Elena Alegria (grade 8), Katie Hayes (grade 8), Camilla Pejrone (grade 8), David Lister (grade 8), Julian Segovia (grade 8), Jadon Elkins (senior), Hannah Brandon (sophomore), Brian Segovia (junior), Emma Grace Sikora (junior)

Sewing Hope – Olivia Jackson (grade 8)

ASL (American Sign Language) Club – Claire Burch (grade 11)

Digital Music – Josh Vinten (grade 12) and Preston Weller (grade 10)