Applause for Fine Arts

Charlotte Christian is proud to recognize excellence in the fine arts each year. Through various festivals, competitions and performances, artists of all mediums are given an opportunity to challenge themselves and compete with other students in the area.

Music Awards 2019-20

NCAIS Honor Band

  • Chloe Boyd, grade 8, trumpet
  • Eva Nieto, grade 7, trumpet
  • Faith Giller, grade 7, bass clarinet
  • Sarah Major, grade 7, bass clarinet
  • Ruthie Caswell, grade 8, clarinet
  • Katie Hayes, grade 10, clarinet
  • Caroline Crews, grade 9, alto saxophone
  • Madelyn Schoen, grade 11, flute

UNC Charlotte Honor Band

  • Katie Hayes, grade 10, clarinet
  • Madelyn Schoen, grade 11, flute
  • Maddie Roddy, grade 11, flute

Carnegie Hall Honors Orchestra

  • Elena Morales, grade 11, violin
  • Kendall Ficken, grade 10, violin
  • J.D. Williams, grade 10, viola

Theatre Awards 2019-20


  • Ginny Lash, grade 10, Excellence in Acting
  • Xander Hanegraaff, grade 10, Excellence in Acting
  • ACT 1 Group, Excellence in Costume Design

Visual Arts Awards 2019-20

Festival in the Park

  • Camille White: First Place (US)
  • Zoe Jackson: Second Place (US)
  • Tori Haynes: Third Place (US)
  • Elinor Langdon: Honorable Mention (US)
  • Will Slater: First Place (MS)
  • Cate Darling: Second Place (MS)
  • Gracie Hanna: Third Place (MS)
  • Sierra Rogers: Honorable Mention (MS)
  • Bridgette Bizzell: First Place (LS)
  • Vanessa Pisarski: Second Place (LS)
  • Reed Maier: Third Place (LS)
  • Aiden Alce: Honorable Mention (LS)

Patriotic Art Competition

  • Zoe Jackson: grade 11, Second Place
  • Virginia Plettner: grade 10, Honorable Mention
  • Zoey Zhang: grade 10, Honorable Mention

Music Awards 2018-19

Honors Performance Series

  • Katie Hayes: Carnegie Hall Honors Performance for Clarinet
  • Katie Hayes: Sydney Opera House Honors Performance for Clarinet
  • NCAIS Invitational Honor Band
  • Ada Sadowski: Nominated and selected for Flute
  • Caroline Crews: Nominated and selected for Alto Saxophone
  • Chloe Boyd: Nominated and selected for Trumpet
  • Ciara Sadowski: Nominated and selected for Bass Clarinet
  • Katie Hayes: Nominated and selected for Clarinet
  • Madelyn Schoen: Nominated and selected for Flute

NCMEA Middle School All-State Choir

  • Avery Manny: Mixed Choir, Alto 1
  • Claire Pannell: Grade 6 Choir, Alto
  • Karsen Betzold: Treble Choir, Alto 1
  • Sydney Miranda: Grade 6 Choir, Soprano

SCDBA All District Honor Band

  • Alex Joe: All District Middle School Concert Band, Trumpet
  • Caroline Crews: All District Middle School Concert Band, Alto Saxophone
  • Katie Hayes: All District 9-10 Honor Band, Clarinet

UNC Charlotte Invitational Honor Band

  • Madelyn Schoen: Nominated and selected for Flute

UNC Pembroke Honor Band

  • Ethan Eshleman: Nominated and selected for Drum Set
  • Preston Weller: Nominated and selected for Bass

Theatre Awards 2018-19


  • Annslie Burris: Growth in Performance & Leadership

CITA Competition

  • Annslie Burris: Excellence in Theatre
  • Elise Hoff: Second Place Ensemble Theatre
  • Lilly Mull: Excellence in Theatre
  • Lily Kate Snyder: Second Place Ensemble Theatre
  • Olivia DeBoer: Second Place Ensemble Theatre
  • Xander Hanegraaff: Second Place Contrasting Monologues


  • Elise Hoff: Excellence in Acting

NC Thespian Festival - Excellent Rating

  • Megan Dale, Ginny Lash, Lilly Mull: Duet Acting
  • Xander Hanegraaf: Monologue Acting

NC Thespian Festival - Superior Rating

  • Annslie Burris and Lilly Mull: Duet Acting (National qualifier)

CCS Theatre Awards

  • Annslie Burris: Theatre Dedication
  • Ginny Lash: Excellence in Theatre
  • Madelyn Schoen: Outstanding Service Award

Visual Arts Awards 2018-19

Festival in the Park

  • Alice Gialanella: Honorable Mention
  • Christopher Hannum: Second Place
  • Eliza Jane Efird: Second Place
  • Hannah Cataldo: Third Place
  • Josie Bishop: First Place
  • Kayli Battle: First Place
  • Kendall Ficken: Honorable Mention
  • Logan Davilla: First Place
  • Miley McVicker: Third Place
  • Nathan Brannon: Honorable Mention
  • Sarah Grace Beauchemin: Third Place
  • Sydney Rohm: Second Place

Patriotic Art Competition

  • Abbey Barefoot: Honorable Mention
  • Andrew Knotts: First Place
  • Emily Ketron: Honorable Mention
  • Nathan Brannon: Second Place
  • Sam Goldstein: Honorable Mention

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  • Andrew Knotts: Honorable Mention for Sacrifice
  • Andrew Knotts: Silver Key for Newborn
  • Andrew Knotts: Silver Key for Saints des Rosa
  • Cate Darling: Honorable Mention
  • Elena Ong: Honorable Mention
  • Kelsey Eshleman: Silver Key for Lost in the City
  • Lauren Forget: Honorable Mention
  • Lily Golzar: Silver Key for Underwater Landscape
  • Loie Kemmer: Silver Key for Dripping Sun

Festival in the Park 2019