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2023-24 Vehicle Registration Form

Students desiring to park on campus must register their vehicle prior to driving to school. A NEW REGISTRATION is required each year. Once the online form is completed, come by the upper school office to pick up the parking decal. Please bring a copy of your driver's license as well.

NOTE: Students who drive to school are responsible for arriving on time (7:45 a.m.). Students with excessive tardies related to unexcused reasons such as oversleeping, traffic, forgetting items, rainy weather, etc. will receive consequences which may include detention, Saturday school or loss of parking privileges. Tardies related to illness, appointments or family emergencies may arise and will be monitored without consequence. Parents must contact the upper school office regarding these tardies prior to the student's arrival.

Trucks and full-sized SUVs will NOT be permitted to park in the upper school parking lot.

Students may also lose driving privileges for the following reasons:

  1. Failure to obtain and display a CURRENT parking sticker.
  2. Parking in an unassigned area.
  3. Discourteous or unsafe driving (i.e. speeding or using cell phones while driving on campus).
  4. Playing excessively loud music.
  5. Playing with sports equipment in the parking lot (i.e. throwing football, hitting golf balls, etc.).
  6. Being in the parking lot during school hours without permission.
  7. When students arrive on campus they should report to designated supervised areas. Students are not permitted to loiter in their vehicles.

Designated Parking Areas

  • Seniors may park in their painted parking spots or in the Warner Field House parking lot.
  • Juniors may park in the Hendricks parking lot along Sardis Road.
  • Sophomores and freshmen may park in the gravel lot.
This must be a valid driver's license, not a learner's permit.​​​

If you occasionally drive different cars to school, please provide the details for other family cars you might drive to school. You will only need to purchase one vehicle registration but any car you drive to school must be registered.

Car #1 (Primary)

Car #2

Car #3

Please note that parking decals are $15 each. After you complete this form you will be redirected to a payment screen. Please select "Parking Decal" to add to your cart.