Senior Spotlight

The Senior Spotlight highlights members of the Class of 2020. Students that are highlighted in this feature have been nominated by upper school faculty and administration as examples of students who are excelling in academics, athletics, fine arts, or service and are actively fulfilling the mission of Charlotte Christian School. A new senior will be featured each week until graduation.

In what grade did you start at Charlotte Christian?
I began attending Charlotte Christian in fifth grade.

Why did you or your parents choose Charlotte Christian? 
My parents chose Charlotte Christian because I wanted to attend a school that studies the Bible. After some research, they determined CCS was the best fit.

What co-curricular or athletic events are you involved with, including leadership roles, both in and out of school? 
Throughout my years at Charlotte Christian, many different doors have opened for me to explore. From the beginning in lower school, I participated in band, playing clarinet and then saxophone. This enabled me to be a part of jazz band once I entered high school - something I look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday and will certainly miss after graduation. In terms of athletics, I have participated in cross country, track and field, and swimming. Though it took a significant amount of time, I managed to endure, and create some great memories and relationships with friends and coaches. I also was a CELL group leader from my sophomore to junior year, allowing me to learn important skills in the communication of biblical principles to a younger audience. Last year, I was afforded the opportunity to participate in the Harvard Model Congress and received a certificate of merit. This year, I was given the opportunity to be a co-leader of a book club for upper school students that meets once a month. We have been reading C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters and though it is a small group, we have had many thought-provoking and engaging conversations. Finally, ever since sophomore year, I have participated at March for Life, as I firmly believe in the rights of the unborn.

Have you earned any honors or awards such as academic honors, honor rolls, athletic awards, fine arts honors, etc.? Have you been selected to attend special conferences or events?
I had the honor of receiving the Kimberly Hendrick Memorial Scholarship award which reflects and remembers the Christ-like character of Kimberly Hendrick (and her sister Jennifer). To honor and glorify God is our chief end; so, to be associated with people who certainly understood and greatly reflected their ultimate purpose is something I am humbled by. I have also received recognition as an AP scholar, based on my performance on the AP exams. In addition, I have maintained a position on the academic honor roll through my high school career and have also been inducted into the National Honor Society. However, all these accomplishments are only possible based on the gifts and talents given to me by God himself, and with him, I would be nothing. .

What colleges have you applied to and which ones have you been accepted to thus far?
I have applied to Anderson University, Cedarville University, Columbia International University, Gordon College, and Hillsdale College, and I have been accepted into all of them. I will be attending Anderson University.

If you know, what would you like to study in college, and what might be your long-term career goals? 
Currently, my main interests, for my studies, are theology and philosophy, and essentially, I want to both serve my country and serve my God. Modern culture has largely abandoned the art of philosophy and pursued a path against the innate design of God. I wish to serve my country by trying to spread the ideals of the natural law and the value of rational thinking. This ultimately glorifies God because he himself is the author of the moral law and the embodiment of truth, and thus honored when followed and pursued. This all points towards “pursuing first his kingdom and his righteousness,” by encouraging a culture-wide mindset change.

Have you applied for/received any college scholarships 
I received the Gordon Faithful Leadership Award scholarship my junior year. I applied for Anderson University’s Presidential Scholarship this year, and though I was named a finalist, I did not end up receiving the full scholarship. I did, however, earn a partial scholarship to Anderson.

What are your favorite subjects at Charlotte Christian and why? 
Logic and Debate and Christian Theology stand out as the classes that helped me own my faith. From the start, I fell in love with the ideas of Apologetics, being fascinated by doctrines like the Trinity or the incarnation of the Word. I also have thoroughly enjoyed European History and U.S History, learning from both the accomplishments and the mistakes of the Western world.

Who are some of your favorite teachers at Charlotte Christian and why? 
Honestly, all of the upper school Bible teachers have been among my favorites because each one was willing to answer a plethora of questions in a range of topics with grounded Biblical principles. I enjoyed Dr. Dean Hardy with his questions of the day, Mr. Brian Henson with his grounded philosophical approach, Mr. Rhett Davis and his talks after chapels, and Mr. Jeremy Cummings with his understanding of the Old Testament. They all have done an amazing job of embodying what and how a man should act. I also have to mention Mr. Rob Mina (US Physics) and his willingness to mentor and give wisdom, both in and outside of physics, and his overall example of what it means to love thy neighbor as yourself. There are so many more I could mention, like Mr. Steve Hoff (US Government) and his wisdom, or Dr. Donn Headley (US History) with his amazing prayers. I have been greatly blessed with so many Christ-serving teachers.

How has Charlotte Christian impacted you or made a difference in your life? How has Charlotte Christian prepared you for life after graduation?
Charlotte Christian has essentially helped me understand reality with a grounded, biblical worldview. Without such an experience, I have no idea if I would even recognize myself. Through Charlotte Christian, God gave me examples of loyal friends, loving mentors, and practical knowledge of his creation. In essence, Charlotte Christian has been a second home, providing and equipping me to, indeed, impact the culture for Christ. Because of the academics, personal relationships and biblical foundation, I have no doubt I will be prepared for what God wills next.

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