Senior Spotlight

The Senior Spotlight highlights members of the Class of 2020. Students that are highlighted in this feature have been nominated by upper school faculty and administration as examples of students who are excelling in academics, athletics, fine arts, or service and are actively fulfilling the mission of Charlotte Christian School. A new senior will be featured each week until graduation.

In what grade did you start at Charlotte Christian?
I started at Charlotte Christian in third grade 

Why did you or your parents choose Charlotte Christian? 
Before moving to Charlotte, my family lived outside of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and I attended a smaller Christian school called Christian Heritage School. My parents chose to move to Charlotte because of the awesome job opportunity CCS offered my dad, but more importantly they felt God was calling them to Charlotte through this opportunity and took it.  

What co-curricular or athletic events are you involved with, including leadership roles, both in and out of school? 
I have been a member of the track team since seventh grade and the soccer team since eighth grade. This season, I was selected as a team captain for the varsity soccer team. I have participated in five CCS musical productions and am currently cast as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast which we will perform in February. I am the Athletic Prefect and act as a liaison between the student body and the athletic department. 

Have you earned any honors or awards such as academic honors, honor rolls, athletic awards, fine arts honors, etc.? 
Last year I was inducted into the National Spanish Honors Society. I have received the Determination Award in varsity track and in JV/varsity soccer. My senior year on the varsity soccer team I was given the Coaches’ Award for outstanding character and work ethic. I am a two-time conference champion in the 110-meter hurdles and two-time state medalist in the 110-meter hurdles. I recently was athlete of the week in the South Charlotte Sports Report. 

What colleges have you applied to and which ones have you been accepted to thus far?
I applied to Appalachian State, Lee University, and Wheaton College and was accepted into all three. 

If you know, what would you like to study in college, and what might be your long-term career goals? 
I plan to attend Wheaton College next fall and major in Biblical and Theological studies with a long-term goal of entering into full-time ministry. 

Have you applied for/received any college scholarships 
I was blessed to be awarded the Dean’s Scholarship at Lee University and plan to apply for scholarships at Wheaton College. 

What are your favorite subjects at Charlotte Christian and why? 
My favorite subjects are Christian Theology, AP Spanish, and Western Civilization. Christian Theology helped me personally because it clearly depicted what the Christian faith is and, because of the freedom we had to ask questions regarding Christianity, was a really great class. AP Spanish is very difficult because we speak in Spanish 85% of the time in order to prepare for the exam in May, however the small class size and helpfulness of Señora Nieto make the class enjoyable. History has always been my favorite subject, but specifically the history of Europe has always intrigued me, so Western Civilization is a fun class where I learn more about my favorite subject. 

Who are some of your favorite teachers at Charlotte Christian and why? 
Although she is not a teacher, Mrs. Katrina Cassier (upper school college counselor) is one of my favorite faculty members because of her smiling face and helpful personality and because she is always willing to listen and help me determine what is best for me, whether it be classes I take or colleges I should look into. Mr. Jeremy Cummings was my freshman year Bible teacher, however my relationship with him has grown over the years due to his leadership in my life and the opportunities he has given me from leading C.E.L.L. groups to speaking in chapel. Although I have not had a class with him, Mr. Rob Mina (upper school science) has been a wonderful voice of wisdom in my life with his willingness to listen and support my journey with Christ. Lastly, but most of all, Mr. Henson has had the biggest impact on my life at CCS. My first class with him was Logic and Debate, which was when I began to get to know him as a teacher. The next year I took his Christian Theology and World Religions class which is where I developed a closer mentor-mentee relationship with him as he has helped me determine what I plan to do with the rest of my life. The wisdom and support Mr. Henson has given me will have a significant impact on me going forward.

How has Charlotte Christian impacted you or made a difference in your life? How has Charlotte Christian prepared you for life after graduation?
Although I have learned about countless topics at CCS - ranging from multiplication and fractions in third grade math to cultural differences regarding social media in Colombia (South America) in AP Spanish class - the most important lesson that has stood out above all is how important Christ is. Along with everything taught at CCS, there is still the stand-alone message that Christ is at the center of all things including education, athletics, and fine arts. Charlotte Christian has prepared me to stand firm in my faith amidst persecution and how to look at the world I am about to enter with a Biblical worldview. 

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