Senior Spotlight

The Senior Spotlight highlights members of the Class of 2021. Students that are highlighted in this feature have been nominated by school faculty and administration as examples of students who are excelling in academics, athletics, fine arts, or service and are actively fulfilling the mission of Charlotte Christian School. A new senior will be featured each week until graduation.

In what grade did you start at Charlotte Christian?
I started at Charlotte Christian in the fourth grade.

Why did you or your parents choose Charlotte Christian? 
The summer before fourth grade I attended a LEGO Robotics summer camp at Charlotte Christian. I loved the camp! My parents were impressed with Charlotte Christian’s commitment to a STEM curriculum. The camp instructor, Mrs. Kimberly Warr, encouraged my parents and me to apply to CCS. We chose Charlotte Christian because it provided a biblically-oriented yet rigorous education that would challenge me intellectually.

What co-curricular or athletic events are you involved with, including leadership roles, both in and out of school? Please include service/volunteer activities along with any job that you might have.
Throughout my time in the upper school, I have been a proud member of the boys’ varsity golf team. During my sophomore year, I attended March for Life in Washington, D.C. I also serve as a volunteer coach with the First Tee of Greater Charlotte and during my junior year volunteered at Novant Health-Matthews Medical Center in the pharmacy. In addition, I earned the rank of Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts of America and served as Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for my troop. For my Eagle Project, I led more than 20 volunteers in rehabilitating a nature trail at the James K. Polk State Historic Site. One of my favorite experiences as a Boy Scout was attending the 2019 World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia with tens of thousands of Scouts from across the world.

Last summer I was selected to attend the North Carolina Summer Ventures Program in Science and Mathematics at East Carolina University. I attended virtual classes in Biomedical Engineering and, inspired by my mom, completed a research project on early methods of breast cancer detection. The summer before my junior year, I worked as an intern at the Research & Development Center at Ennis-Flint, a company that makes road and pavement markings. During my internship, I worked with chemists and engineers to create a low-cost and effective thermoplastic for reflectors.

Have you earned any honors or awards such as academic honors, honor rolls, athletic awards, fine arts honors, etc.? Have you been selected to attend special conferences or events?
I am a National Merit Commended Scholar and member of the National Honor Society. Throughout upper school, I have been on either the Summa or Magna Cum Laude honor rolls. In my junior year, I was nominated as both a Furman Scholar and Wofford Scholar and I won the Colorado School of Mines Medal of Achievement. Lastly, I earned an Academic Conservatory distinction in Mathematics and Science.

What colleges have you applied to and which ones have you been accepted to thus far?
I applied to Bucknell University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Lehigh University, North Carolina State University, Purdue University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the BA/MD program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. I am currently waiting for admission decisions from each of these schools.

If you know, what would you like to study in college, and what might be your long-term career goals? 
I plan to study engineering in college, though I am unsure which specific engineering discipline, as well as possibly pre-medicine. In the future, I could see myself working in a lab as a chemical engineer, building rockets or practicing clinical medicine.

Have you applied for/received any college scholarships 
I was nominated for the Park Scholarship at N.C. State and applied for various smaller scholarships at Purdue and Virginia Tech.

What are your favorite subjects at Charlotte Christian and why? 
When I decided to take AP BC Calculus, I worried about taking on the workload of a tough class that met every day. However, through Mrs. Jones’s excellent teaching and a great group of classmates, I found I really enjoyed the logic and order behind the problems. Additionally, AP Physics with Mr. Rob Mina may have been the hardest class in my high school career, but I liked learning about the mechanics of the universe and the detail and logic behind it. This class truly helped me realize that Intelligent Design is real. What kind of universe could follow the specific and detailed laws of physics without a Creator?

Christian Theology with Mr. Brian Henson may be my favorite class at Charlotte Christian. I loved learning about each different religion, how each does not logically hold up against Christianity, and how to defend my faith. Not to mention, Mr. Henson’s quirky sense of humor made me always look forward to this class.

Who are some of your favorite teachers at Charlotte Christian and why? 
Mrs. Susan Jones (US Math) was much of the reason I developed a love for math. I appreciate how concrete she made the otherwise abstract concepts and her willingness to fully explain tough topics until the class reached full understanding. Her sarcastic sense of humor never failed to crack me up. In addition, she is one of the kindest people I know. I have yet to see Mrs. Jones in the hall not smiling and greeting students. It is evident she truly loves her job as a teacher and cares deeply for her students.

Mr. Rob Mina (US Science), teacher, ‘supergenius’ and friend, is another one of my favorite teachers. Mr. Mina teaches some of the hardest classes in the upper school curriculum, and with this comes a plethora of students (including me) asking for help. However, Mr. Mina is always willing to make time for students and meet them outside of class for help. This applied not only to topics he taught, but subjects outside of those he instructed as well. His devotion to and care for his students is amazing to witness. Mr. Mina is a role model in how I should be willing to selflessly help others.

Outside of my classes, I am thankful for the help of Mrs. Jodi Foxx (Director of College Counseling). At the beginning of my junior year, I had no idea which colleges offered the best programs of study for my interests. Through many emails and meetings, Mrs. Foxx listened and offered advice. Not only did we establish a great relationship, but I chose and applied to seven colleges perfectly suited to me! The amount of effort Mrs. Foxx put into helping me through the application process shows her selflessness and determination. Thank you, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Mina and Mrs. Foxx, for being great teachers, friends and godly people I can model my own life after.

How has Charlotte Christian impacted you or made a difference in your life? How has Charlotte Christian prepared you for life after graduation?
Thanks to Charlotte Christian, I built strong relationships with God and with others. CCS gave me an education that helped me find my way to and faith in Christ. This faith will continue for the rest of my life. Charlotte Christian also gave me a great group of friends I can lean on and trust. These friendships will also last for a lifetime. Lastly, Charlotte Christian prepared me for success at college through its rigorous, academic curriculum.

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