Knights Serve

We are excited to continue our annual Christmas tradition to partner with an organization to support their ministry. This December we will partner with Connexion Lebanon, an organization that assists with aid to the impoverished Lebanese people. The mission of the organization is "to pair families in Lebanon with sponsors abroad to ensure critical families receive the basic necessities of food, medicine, clean water, hygienic products and electricity on a monthly basis." These needs have seen a significant increase during the pandemic and following the devastation by the explosion in Beirut last summer.

The organization was created with the support of the entire Saleh family. Mr. Charles Saleh served on the board of trustees at Charlotte Christian for more than a decade and he and his wife, Mary, have five children, four of which have graduated from CCS, as well as a grandchild in the lower school. Mr. Saleh and his family immigrated to the U.S. from Lebanon when civil war began in the late 1970's and have continued to support the people of Lebanon over the last several decades. With the continued unrest and needs in Lebanon growing, the family started Connexion Lebanon

This virtual collection drive will take place Dec. 7-18 focused on the specific needs of the organization and the people it serves. There are both one-time and ongoing giving opportunities that can be seen below and gifts may be given through the link here. 

Basic Needs One-Time Donation

  • Basic Needs Support: Food, Medicine, Hygienic Products, Electricity
    One-time sponsorship for family of four - $600
    One-time sponsorship for family of 5-7 - $1,200
  • Education Support: Child's Education - $4,000/year
  • Medical Support: Medical Needs - $1,500
  • Home Rehabilitation and Restoration
    House Restoration - $1,000 (roof and windows restoration)
    Home Appliance Support (fridge and stove) -$800
  • Any donation amount of your choosing - ex. $50, $100, $200

Basic Needs Monthly Donation (Food, Medicine, Hygienic Products, Electricity)

  • Sponsor 2 adults and 1 child's basic needs for one month - $50/month
  • Sponsor an entire family's basic needs for one month. (4 adults + 1 child) - $100/month
  • Sponsor two families per month - $200/month
  • Sponsor five families per month - $500/month