Micah 6:8 Conference

Middle school students participated in the Micah 6:8 Conference that emphasized one of the three requirements of the school's benediction verse, "...do justice; love kindness; walk humbly with God." Students considered the question, "What does it look like to do justice in and around the Charlotte area?"  During the all-day event, students were challenged to look for and to create ways to do justice at our school, in our city, and in our world - all for the glory of Christ and the sake of the Gospel. 

The eighth grade class served off campus at Beds for Kids, while the sixth and seventh grades heard from Mrs. Kim Greene, middle school teacher, about the prison ministry she serves with, Kairos Prison Ministry; wrote notes of encouragement to those who are incarcerated; and heard from Mr. Bo Frowine, executive director of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Dream Center.  

Students had lunch together and experienced a powerful, practical illustration of the challenge hunger poses while bringing statistics about poverty to life.  As part of lunch, students randomly selected tickets based on real percentages of people who experience hunger in the world. Depending on the ticket drawn, each group was given a different type of lunch experience with the hope that students gained perspective on the breadth and effects of hunger in our world.  Co-founder and CEO of MANA Nutrition Mark Moore shared with the students during this time.