Junior Recipient of Gavel Award at 2020 Harvard Model Congress

A delegation of 32 Charlotte Christian juniors traveled to Boston to participate in the 35th annual Harvard Model Congress, the oldest and largest model congress in the nation, presented by Harvard University.  Upper school history teachers, Mr. Steve Hoff and Dr. Donn Headley, led the students as they took on the roles of actual members of the House of Representatives and learned the inner-workings of government.  Students learned how to draft, propose, and vote on various pieces of legislation in a mock government conference with students from all over the country, experiencing the political process first-hand.  Students participated in open debates, caucuses, and trials and learned through active role-playing in simulated congressional committees addressing current issues at debate in the United States. 

Special congratulations to junior Jonathan Fasciana who was a recipient of the Gavel Award. Jonathan was one of 32 students awarded this honor out of the 1,500 delegates.

"The Harvard campus was beautiful, even in winter - awesome structures.  The students are geniuses, and there is a huge love of learning.  The classes were high level, but not completely beyond us - philosophy I could grasp better than chemistry," shared Jonathan.  "I passed a bill with support from Kaylee Andrievk and others to subsidize federal programs for drip irrigation.  It passed by a 25-to-20 vote.  I co-sponsored another bill which was accepted.” 

Charlotte Christian upper school Honors Government and AP Government students look forward to attending the model congress each year and most often bring the largest delegation of any school in the nation.

2020 Harvard Model Congress Participating Students

  • Kaylee Andrievk
  • Caroline Banker 
  • Kalen Bland
  • Bryson Byrnes
  • Mitchell Chappell
  • Carson Chow
  • Samantha Crocker
  • Susan Davis
  • Jonathan Fasciana
  • Addi Goodrich
  • Katie Gowan 
  • Emma Hall
  • Jack Hilton
  • Briley Hoff
  • Michelle Igbinadolor
  • Zoe Jackson
  • Brennan Long
  • Ben McCartney 
  • Jordan Montgomery
  • Noah Ong
  • Julia Oliveto
  • Maddie Roddy
  • Tiah Rowe
  • Joseph Sachtleben
  • Madelyn Schoen
  • Phillip Slaughter
  • Jackson Spaeth
  • Sophia Vachino
  • Ava Van Hoy
  • Sarah Whiting
  • Shae Whittle
  • Kennedy Young