2022 Scholastic Art Winners

Congratulations to 10 middle and upper school visual arts students on earning recognition in the 2022 Mid-Carolina Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Competition. The group earned five Gold Keys, six Silver Keys and 10 Honorable Mention awards.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is administered by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers and is the longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for student achievement in the visual arts and creative writing in the United States.

  • Caroline Coles (8), Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass, "Charcuteria"
  • Eden Davis (8), Silver Key, Design, "Cryptical"
  • Katie Joe (8)
    • Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration, "Metaphoric"
    • Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration, "Pattern Pizzazz"
    • Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration, "More Than a Pretty Face)
    • Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration, "Ready to Play"
    • Honorable Mention, Comic Art, "School Daze"
  • Lisa Berdykulova (11)
    • Honorable Mention, Painting, "I Work For You"
    • Honorable Mention, Painting, "The Sound of Loneliness"
  • Tori Haynes (12)
    • Honorable Mention, Digital Art, "Fear"
    • Silver Key, Mixed Media, "Have We Met"
  • Darcy Howard (9), Silver Key, Digital Photography, “Unbottled Love
  • Ann Keim (10), Honorable Mention, Mixed Media, "God With Us"
  • Janel Sarpong (12), Honorable Mention, Mixed Media, "Nana Akufo-Addo”
  • Annie Thompson (11), Honorable Mention, Digital Art, "Who Are You?"
  • Zoey Zhang (12)
    • Gold Key, Architecture & Industrial Design, "Community Service Machine"
    • Gold Key, Digital Art, "Passed Memories"
    • Gold Key, Design, "Self Puzzle" 
    • Gold Key, Drawing and Illustration, "Sweet Dream"
    • Silver Key, Art Portfolio, "Sealed Childishness"
    • Honorable Mention, Mixed Media, "Sealed Childishness Work 1" 

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