2020 Scholastic Writing Winners

Congratulations to 12 middle and upper school students on earning recognition in the 2020 Mid-Carolina Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Competition. The group earned three Silver Keys and nine Honorable Mention writing awards. 

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is administered by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers and is the longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for student achievement in the visual arts and creative writing in the United States.

  • Cade Nicholson (9), Silver Key, Short Story, "The Pirates Revenge"
  • Taylor Young (8), Silver Key, Poetry, "Fragmented Society"
  • Harrison Zuckerberg (12), Silver Key, Personal Essay, "My Life's Recipe"
  • Rachel Baker (8), Honorable Mention, Science Fiction/Fantasy, "The Gloves"
  • Marisa Bartholomew (12), Honorable Mention, Personal Essay, "A Mother's Advice"
  • Kayli Battle (12), Honorable Mention, Personal Essay, "Shedding My Coat"
  • Cate Darling (9), Honorable Mention, Short Story, "Challenging Reality"
  • Anna Ferguson (12), Honorable Mention, Personal Essay, "More Than a Test"
  • Katie Hayes (10), Honorable Mention, Personal Essay, "Sandy Hook Shooting"
  • Zoe Jackson (11), Honorable Mention, Poem, "The First Day of School"
  • Laila Robinson (12), Honorable Mention, Poem, "Home"
  • Shae Whittle (11), Honorable Mention, Poem, "The Process to Self Love: A Reverse Poem"