Alumni are a very important part of the Charlotte Christian community.  A sentiment often shared among seniors as they prepare to graduate, is that they see themselves as members of a family at CCS. Whether for lifers or recent additions to the upper school student body, relationships built among peers and teachers are long-lasting, and these relationships tie graduates back to a place they felt loved and accepted - Charlotte Christian School.  

This series gives a quick "snapshot" as to what our alums are doing now and what has brought them back to our campus.  Never has this been more evident than a recent look at the number of alumni who have returned to work, serve and engage with our CCS community.

Sarah York ('14)

In early January 2020, she spent three days shadowing Jodi Foxx in our college counseling office.

Where are you now?
I finished my year-long position as a Presidential Fellow at Wake Forest University in May, and am now living in New York pursuing my master's in Counseling Psychology at Columbia University, specifically on the school track. Meaning, I am receiving my degree to become a high school mental health and college counselor! 

What brought you back?
I wanted to receive a better picture of what it looked like to counsel students through a Christian lens. During my own college decision process, I questioned my worth deeply. I connected my sense of self and identity in relation to test scores and college acceptances - yet - someone saw this, and slowly began to help me change this perspective. None other than Jodi Foxx!  She showed me my worth in Christ and reminded me of my identity beyond my achievements. With that, I knew that getting to watch Jodi in her day to day would show me what that looks like - and boy, has this experience gone beyond this expectation. She has shown me what it looks like to advocate for my students always, all the while trusting that the Lord has them. She has reminded me of my worth and abilities all over again - and I am beyond thankful! 

Three words to describe your CCS experience.
foundational, life-giving, home