Alumni are a very important part of the Charlotte Christian community.  A sentiment often shared among seniors as they prepare to graduate, is that they see themselves as members of a family at CCS. Whether for lifers or recent additions to the upper school student body, relationships built among peers and teachers are long-lasting, and these relationships tie graduates back to a place they felt loved and accepted - Charlotte Christian School.  

This series gives a quick "snapshot" as to what our alums are doing now and what has brought them back to our campus.  Never has this been more evident than a recent look at the number of alumni who have returned to work, serve and engage with our CCS community.

Taylor Wagener ('09)

He wrapped up his second year coaching with the varsity boys' basketball program alongside Head Coach Shonn Brown at the end of the 2019-20 season.

Where are you now?
I moved back to Charlotte after spending a few years in Missouri where I coached college basketball, earned my masters in business degree, and worked at a Christian camp for children and adults with special needs. Currently, I am working in upper management at DCLI, a shipping and transportation company, managing five teams of employees.

What brought you back?
I fell in love with CCS when my family originally moved here my freshman year in high school. I fell in love with the school, the people, and the community that it brought. I also specifically fell in love with the basketball program. I have been blessed with the opportunity to play and coach at a high level of college basketball and have played for and coached with some incredible men, but Coach Shonn Brown will forever top my list. He is an amazing mentor and person and someone I am proud to call a friend. It has been a blessing to play for and coach with him. He taught me so many lessons in high school that did not register until I left Charlotte Christian, and he got me through some tough times later in life. I have also played for, and coached with some other awesome men in my time at CCS, and this has led to a lot of really special friendships. I wanted to have the opportunity to impact young men's lives through a sport that we love and to have the opportunity to watch them grow on and off the court as basketball players and as Christ followers. I would do anything to go back and play one more game in Lamb/Johnson, but getting to coach in it as a part of this program at a school that gave me so much is a dream come true.

Three words to describe your CCS experience.
Powerful, sustaining, faithful

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