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Russell Racquet Club
Girls' Varsity Volleyball vs. Providence Day School (Home)
The Guy Gymnasium
Boys' Varsity Soccer vs. Providence Day School (Home)
Girls' Varsity Tennis vs. Cannon School (Away)
Cannon School
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The Guy Gymnasium
Girls' Varsity Volleyball vs. Cannon School (Away)
Cannon School
Boys' Junior Varsity Soccer vs. Cannon School (Home)

Booster Clubs

Charlotte Christian offers seven booster clubs to support athletics: Touchdown Club for football, Knights Booster Club for basketball, Dugout Club for baseball, Ace Volleyball Club, Knights Goal Soccer Club, Pin-to-Win Wrestling Club and Extra Man Club for lacrosse. All booster clubs offer memberships for those in the Charlotte Christian community. Memberships provide parents with team apparel, advertising in the season media guide, preferred seating, etc. while funds are used to help supplement and provide extras for the sport’s budget.

For more information, please access the links below.

Touchdown Club (Football)

  • Membership in the Touchdown Club - coming soon

Knights Basketball Booster Club

  • Membership in Knights Basketball Booster Club - coming soon

Dugout Club (Baseball)

  • Membership in the Dugout Club - coming soon

Ace Volleyball Club

  • Membership in Ace Volleyball Club - coming soon

Tennis Booster Club

  • Membership in the Tennis Booster Club - coming soon

Knights Goal Soccer Club

  • Membership in Knights Goal Soccer Club - coming soon

Pin-to-Win Wrestling Booster Club

  • Membership in Pin-to-Win Club - coming soon

Extra Man Club (Lacrosse)

  • Membership in Extra Man Club - coming soon

Softball Booster Club

  • Membership in Softball Booster Club - coming soon

Strength and Stride Booster Club (cross country, track and field)

  • Membership in Strides and Strength Booster Club - coming soon