Fall Sports Announcements

Upper School First Day of US Practice, August 1 (or July 29)

CISAA JV Boys' Soccer Playoffs, October 10, Cannon School

CISAA JV Girls' Tennis Playoffs, October 10, Providence Day

CISAA JV Girls' Volleyball Playoffs, October 10, Charlotte Latin

GCMSAA Cross Country Meet, October 15, McAlpine Park, 4pm

CISAA Cross Country Meet, October 15, McAlpine Park, 5pm

GCMSAA MS Playoffs, October 16 & 18 (Soccer,Tennis,Volleyball)

NCISAA 4A Cross Country Meet, October 25, McAlpine Park, 1:30pm

NCISAA 4A Boys' Soccer Playoffs, October 15, 18, 22, 26

NCISAA Div. I Girls' Tennis Playoffs, October 15, 18, 22, 26

NCISAA 4A Girls' Volleyball Playoffs, October 15, 18, 22, 26

NCISAA 11-Man Football Playoffs, TBD

Winter Sports Announcements

Middle School First Official Day, October 21

Upper School First Official Day, October 28

GCMSAA MS Basketball Playoffs, January 16 (Semis) and 22 (Finals)

GCMSAA MS Swim Meet, January 22, MCAC, 11:45 a.m.

CISAA Swim Meet, TBD

GCMSAA MS Wrestling Tournament, January 22, Charlotte Latin

CISAA Wrestling Tournament, February 4, Charlotte Latin, 4:30 p.m.

CISAA JV Boys' Basketball Tournament, February 8, Charlotte Christian

CISAA JV Girls' Basketball Tournament, February 8, Providence Day

NCISAA Swim Championship, February 10, Greensboro Aquatic Center

NCISAA Basketball Playoffs, February 21 (Semis) and 22 (Finals)




Spring Sports Announcements

MS First Official Day, February 3

US First Official Day, February 10

GCMSAA MS Golf Tournament, TBD

GCMSAA MS Track Meet, April 23, Providence Day

CISAA Track Meet, Providence Day, May 8 & 9

Players of the Week for Oct. 7 - 13

Margaret Carlton

Senior Margaret Carlton completed the regular season undefeated in singles play at #1 for a perfect 12-0. Margaret did not drop a set the entire season. She was also 10-2 at line 2.

Gunnar Betzold

Sophomore Gunnar Betzold ran 20:56, which was nearly a minute lower this than his previous PR. Gunnar has dropped 4:24 off last year's time/PR.

Athletic Calendar