Allycia Brown
Director of Early Education and Lower School Admissions


JoAnn Calhoun
Director of Middle and Upper School Admissions


The Kindergarten Experience

The Early Education program at Charlotte Christian welcomes young learners to engage through innovative practices and multi-sensory instructional strategies with a curriculum carefully aligned to support all facets of early childhood development. Parents will find teachers who are passionate experts in their field and who are knowledgeable of brain-based research.

Junior kindergarten offers students a purposeful and appropriate experience to foster a greater sense of routine in a predictable environment. The classroom setting provides an opportunity to build stamina and develop social and emotional resilience in an academic setting. Students must be four years old by Feb. 1 to apply for junior kindergarten.

The kindergarten program is designed to honor every moment of learning that happens at this precious stage of the educational journey. Students master academic principles while fostering a passion for the skills needed to prepare them for what lies ahead. Students must be five years old by June 1 to apply for kindergarten.

In addition to our research-based balanced academic programs, our students are engaged in learning through a rich array of developmentally-appropriate enrichment experiences. We offer our youngest students the opportunity to participate in Art, Media Center, Music, P.E. (kindergarten), Spanish, STEM and Technology. Our small class sizes and private Early Education Building are unique to our community. A healthy lunch is included in tuition, and there is a nurse and administrative assistant in the Early Education Building to serve our youngest students. All of this creates an environment in which students will thrive in spirit as they grow in knowledge and confidence.