Academic Conservatory Program

Charlotte Christian School recognizes that students are gifted in a variety of areas, including academics, athletics, fine arts, or spiritual life. Just as interscholastic athletics offer special opportunities for athletically gifted students to be challenged, the Academic Conservatory Program provides a special opportunity for students in academics, fine arts or ministry. Click here to read more. Students may graduate with distinction in:

  1. Bible, Philosophy and Religion
  2. English
  3. Fine Arts
  4. Humanities
  5. Math/Science
  6. Social Studies
  7. World Languages


J-Term gives upper school students an opportunity for new educational experiences the first week of the second semester. Through a J-Term experience, students interact and build relationships with fellow students and faculty in a less structured format while participating in a variety of common interest educational opportunities that provide for:

  • Mission/service trips and cultural/educational trips and internship opportunities.
  • Non-traditional approaches to teaching and learning including outdoor activities and real world experiences.
  • Elective choices organized along "specialized interests."

In 2020 there were 25 J-Term offerings
82 students traveled on mission and ministry trips
69 traveled on educational trips
30 participated in community service projects
14 participated in vocational shadowing

Knights Knews

Knights Knews is a student-produced broadcast that airs weekly to all upper school students. The broadcast is full of weekly announcements in the form of both news and comedy sketches. In addition to the Friday sketch broadcast, the group also provides daily video announcements. Please click here to view the Knights Knews YouTube channel.

Prefect Leadership System

Upper school students participate in a prefect system for their student government. In this system, eight student leaders are mentored by a faculty member, with whom they meet regularly, and are charged with creating and leading a committee of student volunteers to help guide their specific area of oversight. Prefects are expected to function as servant leaders, humbly seeking to build up others and leading by example. The eight positions are: Head Prefect, Academic Prefect, Admissions Prefect, Athletic Prefect, Cultural Prefect, Fine Arts Prefect, Spiritual Life Prefect and Student Life Prefect.