This blog is designed to help upper school families stay focused on approaching each step of the college selection process with a God-centered perspective. It is written by Jodi Foxx, the Director of College Counseling at Charlotte Christian School.

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Countdown to College Blog

First Step from High School to College: Breathe.
Sarah York ('14)

Hello wonderful CCS parents and guardians! Before I dive into my brief, blogging-style TED talk… first, let me introduce myself and give a little context on my guest appearance.

My name is Sarah York. A few labels: A proud alumna of CCS, class of ‘14. Graduate of Wake Forest University, class of ‘18. Current graduate student at Columbia University, studying Counseling Psychology (aka, following the fabulous steps of college-counselor extraordinaire, Jodi Foxx). And I just so happen to have the joy and privilege to be shadowing Mrs. Foxx for a week this January to get a better picture of what it looks like day-to-day as a college counselor in a Christian setting. And back at my high school alma mater?! Pinch me, I’m dreaming!

I want to say thank you. Thank you for making the sacrifice to send your students to the best school in Charlotte. Being out of college and “living on my own” - (in short, desperately attempting to pay bills, put furniture together, and oh yeah, what on earth is a 401k?!) - I’ve gotten a small glimpse into the sacrifices, and the true selflessness my parents pursued in sending me to CCS. Now, I could write a book on this, but let me give you a little encouragement in what you are investing in:

I know who I am, but more so, Whose I Am, because of Charlotte Christian School.

CCS taught me what it looked like to be constantly celebrated, unconditionally loved, and truly known. In short, through the teachers who encouraged me, coaches who challenged me, and administration who welcomed me: I was given a real glimpse into what Christ’s love looks like: unconditional, constant, unwavering.

I tell you all this, because you are about to enter an often-daunting journey: The road from high school to college. For some of you, this is your first time walking this path with your teen. For others, you’ve walked this road before, but maybe your next teen is taking a different direction than your first? Wherever you are in this journey, it isn’t easy. But I can tell you this from my own experience: You will be given the insight, tools, and direction you need from Mrs. Foxx and Mrs. Cassier to make this the smoothest transition possible (for both you, and your student).

So, my first (and very important) piece of advice in this brief guest appearance?


And my second?

Lean into this season with your student. Celebrate with them. Listen to them. Get to know them.

Choosing a college, career, and future path is one of the first moments your teen is really starting to ask themselves questions like, “What makes me tick? What am I passionate about? Where do I see my life heading?” This can be both exciting, and scary! For the first time in their life, they’re asking themselves huge life questions that boil down to this very one:

Who am I?

And parents and guardians, this is your TIME! This is your time to encourage them, support them, and really start to answer this question with them. But most importantly, it’s your time to remind them of this truth -

No matter what college, career, or path they may choose… They will always have one identity at heart:

They are His.

Now, take that breath I reminded you of earlier. Because guess what? He’s with your teens, every step of this journey.

And He’s with you too.

Thank you for investing in your kids, their future, and this amazing place I will forever call home.

Sarah York ('14)