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An Educational Response to the Presidential Debate

Mr. President and Mr. Former Vice President,

On behalf of educators all over this country, we need you to do better. You are running for the highest office in our nation and possibly the most powerful position in our world. I, like so many other professionals, have spent my career teaching and hopefully molding students into successful and well-adjusted adults. You both are role models and now you are unraveling the great work that is being done in America's classrooms.

Your first debate included so many behaviors that would never be tolerated in a classroom, on an athletic field or the recess playground. It is dispiriting that I need to encourage students to not watch your debates because I am concerned with the bad lessons that they may learn. Teachers and administrators are hanging on by a thread as we adjust to education in the midst of pandemic. We are also trying to heal a racial divide in our school communities that threatens to tear us apart. Our children are stressed and concerned about the present and fearful of the future. We need you to help alleviate some of the anxiety and give us hope about a better tomorrow. Currently your campaigns are only about fear and how bad things will be if your opponent wins.  

We need you to do better. I want our students and my children to look up to both of you and learn about civility and the great political debate that our country has been built upon. We all understand that you do not agree on just about anything, but can you least agree to being a better role model for the children's sake? I want our students to be excited as they approach the voting age, not weary that they have no good choices to consider. In schools throughout our amazing nation, educators are teaching students how to disagree with respectfulness and the value of listening to someone with whom they may disagree. Please help us with this lesson by being a better role model.

You both claim that your faith is important to your life and your calling as a politician. I implore you to consider the model of Jesus in the midst of conflict and disagreement. He did not shout, belittle or demean those who disagreed or eventually killed him. Rather, he modeled the fruit of the spirit so eloquently explained in the book of Galatians: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

I am not asking you to give a sermon or even share your personal religious convictions, but please do better and consider the lessons you are teaching our children. We need more love, more joy, more patience, and more kindness in our world than ever before, so please show some self-control and consider the children and do better for all of us in the next debate and the rest of your campaign. Our children (and our country) deserve better.

God Bless,

Barry Giller
Head of School