Over the summer many Charlotte Christian students and faculty are continuing their education by participating in a variety of programs, conferences, trips, and internships that will take place locally, around the country, and across the globe.
Congratulations to Charlotte Christian School's Chief Financial Officer Terry Efird on being named the 2017 Charlotte Business Journal's 2017 Non-Profit CFO of Year.

Annual Report

Over the past 23 years, more than $8 million has been given to the Annual Fund, providing students, teachers and coaches with additional resources that enhance many of the educational and co-curricular resources that allow our students to excel. Total contributions received by the school were $2,992,937 with $553,847 of this sum given through donations to the Annual Fund in 2015-16. The 2015-16 Annual Report and a complete list of donors are listed below.

Please view below for a complete list of Annual Fund donors for the 2015-16 school year.

Donors A-C

Mr. and Mrs. Fermin Abarca Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Adams Mr. and Mrs. Tony Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Alegria
 Dr. and Mrs. John Allbert Mr. and Mrs. Lee Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Randy Angel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Angley
Mr. and Mrs. John Armistead Mr. and Mrs. Scott Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. James Atwater
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Atwater Mrs. Julie Austin Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Koshy Babu Mr. and Mrs. Peter Baglia  Ms. Carol Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. James Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Baker Mr. and Mrs. John Baker 
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Banks  Mr. Steve Barbour Mr. Timothy Barnes 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Brian Battle
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Beauchemin Mr. and Mrs. Christian Beltz Mr. and Mrs. Alex Beltzhoover
Ms. Beth Bennett  Mrs. Ellen Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Bill Berry Mr. and Mrs. Griffin Bettencourt
Mrs. Anne Betts Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bigger Mr. and Mrs. Brant Biggers
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Bingham Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Bizzell
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Black Mr. and Mrs. Harold Blackwelder Mr. Brent Blake
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Blake Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blakeney Dr. and Mrs. Mark Bland
Mr. and Mrs. James Bobbitt Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Boelkins Mr. and Mrs. Stan Boelkins
Mr. Okyere Bonna and Dr. Magdalene Marfo Mr. and Mrs. Jim Booker Mr. and Mrs. Chris Boone
Ms. Jennifer Bower Mr. John Bower  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyles
Mr. and Mrs. David Boythe Mr. and Mrs. Luke Boythe Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bradbury
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Braddock Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Braden Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bradham
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Brandon Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Brandon Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brannock
Mrs. Heather Brannon Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Brick Mr. and Mrs. Chris Brickner
Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Broadway Mr. and Mrs. Robert Broocks Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Brown Mr. and Mrs. Shonn Brown Mrs. Stephanie Brown
Ms. Theresa Bruns  Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bryant Mr. Martin Bryant
Mr. Kevin Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bugg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bugg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burch Dr. and Mrs. Earle Burgess Mr. and Mrs. Tim Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Burrus Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Burrus Mr. and Mrs. Steve Burt
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Cain Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Andy Calhoun
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Calkins Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Scott Carlton
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Hill Carson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lee Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Cash Mr. and Mrs. Steady Cash Mr. and Mrs. Marc Cassier
Mr. Javier Castelan and Mrs. Marcela Meneses Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cataldo Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Chaffin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chan Mr. and Mrs. John Clark Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Cloninger Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Coff Mr. and Mrs. William Cohane
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Collier Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Collins Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Corbett
Mr. Bailey Corbett Mr. and Mrs. Chris Corish Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cornelison
Mr. Brian Corum and Dr. Anita Corum Mr. and Mrs. Andy Cox Mr. and Mrs. Woody Cozart
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Craver Dr. and Mrs. John Crawford Mr. and Mrs. John Crews
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Crocker Mr. and Mrs. John Crowley  Mr. and Mrs. David Culberson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Cummings  Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cunningham 

Donors D-G

 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Daniel Mrs. Beverley Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Harry Davenport
 Mr. Carlos Davila and Mrs.  Veronica Kallqvist-Davila Mr. and Mrs. M.T. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Davis
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis Mr. and Mrs. Mark Davisball Dr. and Mrs. William Dawson
 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Del Corso Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dennehy Mr. and Mrs. Guy DePasquale
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert DePinto Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dettmer Mr. and Mrs.Bill Deuink
 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Donnalley Ms. Christine Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Drees
 Mr. and Mrs. David Drummond Mr. and Mrs. Derek Drummond Mr. and Mrs. Jere Drummond
 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Drury Mr. and Mrs. David Dubose Mr. and Mrs. Todd Dunnagan
 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Dunnavant Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan Dunnavant Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DuPre'
 Mr. and Mrs. Rob Durden Mr. and Mrs. Ken Durham Mr. and Mrs. Holger Ebert
 Mr. Holger Ebert Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ector Mr. and Mrs. Jim Edwards
 Mr. and Mrs. Randy Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Edwards Mr. and Mrs. George Efird
 Mr. and Mrs. Terry Efird Mr. and Mrs. William Eichorn Captain and Mrs. James Eilersten
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elisha Mr. and Mrs. Justin Elliott Ms. and Mrs. Wayne Embrey
 Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ennis Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Erman Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Eshleman
 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Estep Dr. Karen Estramonte Dr. Michael Estramonte
 Mr. and Mrs. Lance Eubanks Mr. and Mrs. James Fagan Mr. Nader Fahami and Mrs. Yurania Jimenez-Fahami
 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fair Mr. and Mrs. Paul Farish Dr. and Mrs. Tom Farley
 Dr. and Mrs. Bart Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Steven Fasciana Mr. and Mrs. Rennie Faulkner
 Drs. Philip and Susan Featherstone Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Micah Ferranti
 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ferreira Mr. David Flenniken Mr. and Mrs. Ken Flenniken
 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Forbidussi Dr. and Mrs. Darin Ford Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Forget
 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Forker Mr. and Mrs. Bill Foster Mr. and Mrs. James Foster
 Mr. and Mrs. Todd Foxx Mr. and Mrs. Jason Francois Mr. and Mrs. Christopher French
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fulginiti Miss Leah Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Ben Fuller
 Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Fuqua Mr. and Mrs. Vince Furnari Mr. and Mrs. Lou Galletto
 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Garrett Ms. Judy Gauthier Mr. and Mrs. Barry Giller
 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Giller Mr. Scott Girad Dr. Donna Girard Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Gitiche
 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Glover Mr. and Mrs. Bucky Glover  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goad
 Mrs. Karen Goins-Byrnes Mr. and Mrs. Jack Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Scott Goldstein
 Mr. and Mrs. Will Goley Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gombar Mr. and Mrs. Whit Goodrich
 Mr. and Mrs. Greg Goodson Mr. and Mrs. Zach Goodyear Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gorski
 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gowan Mr. and Mrs. Mark Graham  Mr. and Mrs. Jim Grauel
 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Grauel Ms. Melinda Graves Mr. Paul Green
 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Green Ms. Sheila Green Ms. Rachel Gregory
 Ms. Melanie Greig Mr. and Mrs. Bill Grey Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Griffin
 Mr. and Mrs. Tony Griffin Ms. Victoria Groff Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gum

Donors H-L

 Mr. Llew Haden Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hale Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Hall
 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hall Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hanebutt Mr. Christopher Hannum and Dr. Kirsta Hannum
 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hanson Mr. Dean Hardy Mr. Tyrone Hardy
 Mr. Dean Harp and Dr. Christie Harp Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Harris Mrs. Jean Harris
 Dr. and Mrs. Darlington Hart Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hasselberg Mr. and Mrs. Hal Hawisher
 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Heath Mr. Brandon Henderson and Mrs. Christy Indiano
 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hicks  Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hinde
 Mr. and Mrs. Zack Hinson Mr. James Hobbs  Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hoff
 Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hohing Mr. and Mrs. Ken Holbrooks Ms. Kaylah Holland
 Ms. Edy Holmes Mr. and Mrs. David Holt Mr. and Mrs. Dan Horner
 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Horton Mr. and Mrs. Cordell Hough Mr. and Mrs. Bill Howard
 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Howard Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Howard Mr. and Mrs. Don Hudgins
 Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Huff Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Huffenus Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hughes
 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hulbert Ms. Sharon Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Don Humphries
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Matt Ibbetson Drs. U-Phillip and Awawu Igbinadolor
 Ms. Sue Ingram Mr. and Mrs. Steve Israel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jackson
 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jaeckel Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jagielski Mr. and Mrs. Chris James
 Mrs. Ione Jamison Mrs. Alicia Jesso Mr. and Mrs. Todd Jesso
 Mr. and Mrs. Clark Johnson  Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnson
 Mr. Robert Johnson  Mr. and Mrs. Rush Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James Jonas
 Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Jones Mr. and Mrs. Musunga Kabwe Mr. Kurt Karriker and Dr. Charlotte Karriker
 Mr. and Mrs. John Kasay Ms. Theresa Kasay  Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kats
 Mr. and Mrs. Graham Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kerr Mr. and Mrs. John Ketner
 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ketron Mr. and Mrs. Sean Kinard Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kincheloe
 Mr. and Mrs. Mark King Mr. and Mrs. Tony King Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Kirchoff
 Ms. Becky Knight Mr. and Mrs. John Kocher Mr. and Mrs. Sherif Korolos
 Mr. Mitchel Kotula and Dr. Nicole Abinanti-Kotula Mr. and Mrs. Pete Krug Mrs. Judy Laedlein
 Dr. and Mrs. David Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. Brian Landon Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lash
 Mr. and Mrs. David Lavender Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Lawrence Rev. and Mrs. Al Lewis
 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Don Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Lichtenberger
 Ms. Gina Lister Mr. and Mrs. Clay Littlefield Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lloyd
 Mr. and Mrs. John Locklier Mr. and Mrs. Chris Loeb Mr. and Mrs. Justin Loeber
 Dr. and Mrs. Burton Lohoff-Gaida Mr. and Mrs. Brad Long Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Long
 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Looker Mr. and Mrs. John Love Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lucado
 Dr. and Mrs. Jamie Lye  

Donors M-R

 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Maier Mr. and Mrs. Scott Major Mr. and Mrs. Gene Malpas
 Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Marcey Mr. and Mrs. Mark Marco Mr. and Mrs. Mustak Marin
 Ms. Joyce Mason Dr. and Mrs. Brent Matthews Mr. Douglas Maxwell
 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Maye Mr. and Mrs. David Mayers Mr. and Mrs. Rick McCorkle
 Mr. and Mrs. Pat McCormick Mr. and Mrs. James McCreary Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McDonald
 Mr. George McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Whit McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Ted McGavran
 Mr. and Mrs. Gary McGinn Ms. Amanda McGowan Mr. and Mrs. Sean McGrath
 Mr. and Mrs. Pete McLain Mr. and Mrs. Mark McLean Mr. and Mrs. Brandon McLennan
 Mr. and Mrs. Jim McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Flint McNaughton Mr. and Mrs. David McNeish
 Dr. Wade McPhaul and Dr. Emily McPhaul Mr. and Mrs. Casey Mears Mr. and Mrs. Marty Mederos
 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meeker Ms. Gertie Merrill Dr. and Mrs. Michael Metcalf
 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Metz Mr. and Mrs. Scott Michaud Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Miller
 Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Mills Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Mitchell Mrs. Beverly Modzell
 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Molitor Mr. and Mrs. Mark Montgomery Mr. Blaydes Moore
 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Moore Mr. and Mrs. Jim Moore Mrs. Jennifer Mul 
 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Murray Mr. and Mrs. Larry Myers Mr. and Mrs. Rex Myers
 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nations Mr. and Mrs. Brian Natwick Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Nelson
 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Newsom Mr. and Mrs. Bob Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Allen Nielsen
 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Niessner Mr. and Mrs. Mark Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Steven Norris
 Mr. and Mrs. Ward Norris Mr. and Mrs. Jason Norvell Mr. and Mrs. Tyler O'Bryan
 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Okpokowuruk Mr. and Mrs. Jon Olin Mr. and Mrs. Joe Oliveto
 Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Ong Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ortlip Mr. Barry Ozer and Dr. Kerrith Ozer-Jaeckel
 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pack Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Parker Mr. and Mrs. Brian Parrish
 Mr. and Mrs. Randy Paulson Mr. and Mrs. Matt Paynter Mr. and Mrs. Andy Peach
 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Peach Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pearce Mr. and Mrs. Haynes Peery
 Mr. and Mrs. Mario Pejrone Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perry Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pfeiler
 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Phalen Mrs. Kendall Phills Mr. and Mrs. Eric Pillmore
 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pippin Dr. and Mrs. Steve Plunkett Mr. and Mrs. Mark Poole
 Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Porter Mr. and Mrs. Jay Poynter Mrs. Anne Prather
 Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Preston Mr. and Mrs. Mark Price Mr. and Mrs. Mike Price
 Ms. Katie Radcliffe Ms. Elizabeth Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Cory Ramsey
 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Randa Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Redmond Mrs. Ernestine Reed
 Ms. Tess Regan Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Reid Scott and Christy Reid
 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Reische Mr. Larry Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Lennie Rhoades
 Mr. and Mrs. Greg Rigot Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Riska Drs. Scott and Sonya Rissmiller
 Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roddy Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Rogers
 Miss Kennedy Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Evan Rosen
 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ross Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rouse Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rowland
 Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Rudnitsky Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Runge Ms. Linda Ruppert
 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Russell Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rutherford  

Donors S-Z

 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sachtleben Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sadowski Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saleh
 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sams Mr. and Mrs. Jack Santaniello Mrs. Hunter Saussy
 Dr. and Mrs. Sam Sayson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schoen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scofield
 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Scott Mr. and Mrs. John Scott Mr. and Mrs. Mark Scott
 Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Scott Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Seaborn Mr. and Mrs. Mike Seelig
 Mr. and Mrs. John Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sikora
 Dr. Brian Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Will Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Simon
 Mr. Erich Siverling Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Slattery Mr. and Mrs. Gary Slaughter
 Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Smith Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Smith Mr. and Mrs. W. Van Smith
 Ms. Smitherman Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Snuggs Mr. and Mrs. Gary Snyder
 Mr. and Mrs. David Soliday Mr. and Mrs. Jason Somerville Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Soule
 Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Sowell Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Spaeth Mr. and Mrs. David Spahr
 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spangler Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stamps Mr. and Mrs. Chris Stater
 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stevens Mrs. Jean Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Ream Stokley
 Mr. and Mrs. Herman Stone Dr. and Mrs. George Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stubblefield
 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Suarez Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Rick Summers
 Rev. and Mrs. Daryl Sutherland Mr. and Mrs. Jim Szymborski Mr. Ron Takac
 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tan Mr. and Mrs. Jim Teat Mr. and Mrs. Charles Terrell
 Mr. and Mrs. Cary Tharrington Dr. Ron Thomas and Dr. Freida Thomas Ms. Joan Thomas
 Mr. Lynn Thorneburg and Dr. Susan Hockaday Mrs. Allison Timperio Mr. and Mrs. John Tolbert
 Ms. Angela Tomaselli Ms. Wrenn Tretrarthen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trotter
 Mr. and Mrs. David Urban Mr. Chad Utermark and Dr. Tamisha Utermark Mr. and Mrs. Mike Vachino
 Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Van Hoy Ms. Marylou VanSickle Mr. and Mrs. John Varol
 Mr. and Mrs. Travis Vermillion Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Von Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Waldrop
 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Walker Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Walker Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wallace
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wallace Ms. Shelley Wallace Mr. and Mrs. John Warner
 Mr. and Mrs. Christian Warpula Mr. and Mrs. Michael Warr Mr. and Mrs. Paul Watkins
 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Waynick Mr. and Mrs. David Weaver Ms. Jill Weaver
 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Webber Dr. Leslie Webster and Dr. Hala Webster Ms. Reynoldine Weeks 
 Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Wetmore Mr. and Mrs. James Weymann Mr. and Mrs. Chris White
 Mr. Marty White and Dr. Heather White Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Whiting Mr. and Mrs. David Whitley
 Mr. Jack Wiesehan Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wilkerson Mrs. Anne Williams
 Mr. and Mrs. Brad Williams Mr. Ligon Williams and Dr. Julie Williams Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Wilson
 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Windham Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wingblade Mr. and Mrs. John Wingblade
 Mr. and Mrs. Roy Witt Mr. David Woodley and Mrs. Angela Cardoso Mr. and Mrs. Dion Woods
 Mr. and Mrs. Todd Woolery Mr. and Mrs. Tim Wooten Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wrenn
 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wright Mr. and Mrs. Harold Yoh Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Yoh
 Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Young Mr. and Mrs. Dawn Young Mr. and Mrs. David Zacarias
 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zinger  

Corporate Donors

Ameriprise FinancialSourceability
Bank of America Charitable Foundation (214)South Carolina Christian Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Gift FundSunTrust Foundatoin
Benevity Community Impact FundTANerprise, Inc.
C/O YourCause Duke Energy FoundationTara Mulligan
Duke Energy Foundation Matching Gifts ProgramTarget
Fidelity Charitable Gift FundTarget - Take Charge of Education
Foundation for the CarolinasThe Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Inc.
Fuqua and Fuqua, Inc.The Duke Endowment
Goddard SchoolThe Kasay Family Foundation
Harris TeeterThe Pillmore Family Foundation
Hinde Engineering, Inc.TIAA-CREF Employee Giving Campaign Match
McKesson Foundation, Inc.U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
National Christian FoundationUnited Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
National Christian Foundation CaliforniaVanguard Community Fund
Pfizer FoundationWells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Potter Offices LLCWingblade Family Trust
SignUpGeniusYour Cause
Skin, LLCYourCause, LLC Trustee for Duke Energy Foundation

Donations Made In Honor or In Memoriam

In honor of Kell Graham by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Graham
In honor of Hayes Olin by Ms. Julie Olin
In honor of The Byrnes Family and in memory of Steve Byrnes by Dr. Mark Reynolds and Dr. Sarah Reynolds
In memory of Mrs. Linda Robertson by Mr. John Robertson

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