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Dear Charlotte Christian Community,

Charlotte Christian is participating in the national Digital Citizenship Week, Oct. 18-24, by teaching our students how to be safe, responsible and respectful online. Best practice standards are being discussed with our students through grade-appropriate methods and have been adapted from the nationally-recognized ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education)  to align with our Biblical worldview. As we seek to impact the culture for Christ and teach our students how to maintain healthy and beneficial behavior in the world of technology, among the lessons our students are learning this week include:

  • Understanding that they should engage in respectful communication online just as they would offline. This includes cyberbullying, harassment or any other form of vindictive behavior.

  • Limiting their use of technological devices thus creating a healthy balance between being connected online and communicating offline
  • Protecting themselves by keeping personal information, including their phone number, address and current location, private
  • Respecting others' work  and not taking credit for work that is not theirs

This week in her enrichment classes, Lower School Technology Facilitator Mrs. Kim Warr will introduce the iKnights Armor modeled after the armor of God in Ephesians 6:14-17. She will also show videos on internet safety, digital citizenship, cyberbullying and information privacy.  

In the middle school, Ms. Kaylah Holland, middle school technology facilitator, and Mrs. Amy O'Bryan, middle school counselor, will meet with students to discuss online safety and cyberbullying. Students will learn about how to be authentic online and how to protect their digital identity in today's culture.  

In the upper school, multimedia content will be created through the student-led Knights Knews broadcast team to bring awareness about digital citizenship.  Upper school students will also participate in an assembly on Wednesday, Oct. 21 entitled “Dangers of Cyber Crime” presented by an FBI Special Agent Karen Walsh.  The community program will cover cyber-attacks, online exploitation, critical infrastructure, crimes against children and internet safety.

Upcoming Technology-Centered Parent Education Opportunities
Wednesday, Oct. 21 from 9:45-10:30 a.m. - “Dangers of Cyber Crime” in the MS/US Media Center
FBI Special Agent Karen Walsh will speak to parents on the dangers of cyber crime.

Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 8 a.m. – “iKnights Parenting – Online Safety for Your Student” in the MS/US Media Center
Mr. Beezhold, Ms. Holland and Mrs. Warr will briefly explain Charlotte Christian School’s philosophy on technology and speak to our roles as parents in helping our children grow to be discerning and efficient users.  

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Theresa Kasay

Director of Academics 


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